ELPC’s multidisciplinary staff of talented and experienced public interest attorneys, finance experts, public policy advocates and communications specialists brings a strong and effective combination of skills to solve environmental problems. Our staff works throughout the Midwest and Great Plains to meet two major needs. First, we provide public interest legal, economic and technical resources devoted to the most important environmental and natural resources issues. Second, we inject a strategic regional perspective as environmental issues are increasingly regional in scope, complex and require coordinated strategies to shape public policy. Specifically:

  • ELPC attorneys represent grassroots organizations in taking on the strategically important and precedential cases that have broad national and regional impacts for protecting threatened natural resources.
  • ELPC’s policy advocates and finance experts implement breakthrough strategies with diverse business coalition partners to develop new markets for environmentally preferable products and services.
  • ELPC’s communications experts and organizers make sure that our persuasive messages reach the public and build coalitions to support our environmental campaigns.

Our staff works out of our headquarters in downtown Chicago, as well as our Washington, D.C., location and regional offices located in Columbus, OH; Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis, MN; Grand Rapids, MI; and Madison, WI. See our Contact Us page for more information.

Esosa Aimufua

Associate Attorney

Diana Argueta

Development Assistant & Database Manager

Shaheen Ashraf-Ahmed

Development Officer

Tyler Barron

Policy Advocate

Kevin Brubaker

Deputy Director

Kiana Courtney

Staff Attorney

Caroline Cox

Associate Attorney

Paul Dailing

Media Relations Specialist

Sarah Eddy

Digital Advocacy Specialist

Steve Falck

Senior Policy Advocate

Jill Geiger

Special Projects Coordinator

Rachel Granneman

Staff Attorney

Allen Grosboll

Legislative Director & Senior Policy Advocate

Jeffrey Hammons

Staff Attorney

MeLena Hessel

Senior Policy Advocate

Ann Jaworski

Staff Attorney

Margrethe Kearney

Senior Attorney

Robert Kelter

Senior Attorney

Brad Klein

Senior Attorney

Rebecca Lazer

Legal Assistant

Josh Mandelbaum

Senior Attorney

Mary McClelland

Director of Communications

David McEllis

Government Affairs Representative

Ann Mesnikoff

Federal Legislative Director

Rob Michaels

Senior Attorney

Susan Mudd

Senior Policy Advocate

Judith Nemes

Media Relations Specialist

Mary Frances O’Connor

Chief Development Officer

Andy Olsen

Senior Policy Advocate

John Petoskey

Legal Fellow

Libby Prakel

Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Lena Guerrero Reynolds

Communications Writer

David Sacks

Major Gifts Officer

Ariel Salmon

Legal Assistant

Tanmay Shukla

Legal Fellow

Lucas Stephens

Senior Research Analyst

Scott Strand

Senior Attorney

Justin Vickers

Staff Attorney

Nikhil Vijaykar

Staff Attorney

Tiffany Werner

Field Organizer

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