Author Profile: Lucas Stephens

Lucas Stephens is a Senior Research Analyst working on innovative, sustainable transportation and land use, and protecting the Great Lakes from harmful nutrient pollution.  Dr. Stephens previously led the ArchaeGLOBE Project in 2018, where he brought together 10,000 years of land use information in a GIS database for use in climate change modeling.

Blog Posts by Lucas Stephens

Chicago needs Electric CTA Buses for Clean Air

Chicago is plagued by air pollution, and transportation is one of the largest contributing factors. Our public transportation system provides many residents with important low-impact alternatives to car travel, but it’s not perfect either. Electric CTA buses could significantly improve air quality in communities across the city. As a senior researcher at ELPC, I study

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Ensuring Urban Inclusion in Illinois’ Community Solar Program

Solar energy is thriving in Illinois, bringing hundreds of megawatts of clean energy and over a thousand new jobs to the state this year alone. Illinois’ community solar program is particularly booming. The program is designed to make solar energy more accessible to diverse communities. A single community solar project can provide power to multiple

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