Great Lakes Now – From Rust to Resilience: Climate change brings new challenges and opportunities to Great Lakes cities

“Recent high water levels have shorelines, parklands, lakeside trails and even homes disappearing along various other coastlines, including, as Side Effects Public Media reports, one of our newest national parks, Indiana Dunes. As a result, attention is being focused in some areas on revamping coastal infrastructure to prepare for more rapidly shifting and drastic highs and lows.

‘What used to be a 100-year record is now becoming a 10-year norm,’ says ELPC executive director Howard Learner. ‘This affects people’s lives, our communities, our ecology and very much the built environment. Houses and bluffs are collapsing on the eastern Lake Michigan shore. Residential buildings are under siege from higher water levels. We need to rethink shoreline infrastructure and how the built environment can appropriately and effectively function in light of much higher and lower water levels.'”

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