MiBiz: Court challenges to follow Trump administration’s vehicle fuel economy rollback

The Trump administration is moving forward with rolling back clean car standards in the midst of a respiratory pandemic. ELPC and colleagues are fighting back to protect Midwest jobs, affordable transportation, and clean air.

“Howard Learner, executive director of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center, said his group and other allies will file suit in federal appeals court ‘soon.’ It will likely be joined with the states’ case.

‘The Trump administration acknowledges its change in sensible clean car standards will cause more public health harms, including worse morbidity and mortality rates, and will cost consumers more money at the gas pump,’ Learner said. ‘It plainly trumps ideology over common sense during the midst of a public health crisis, and it is legally flawed.’

The Obama-era standards were seen as a key component of a nationwide climate change strategy. As the U.S. power sector has steadily reduced greenhouse gas emissions by retiring coal plants, the transportation sector has emerged as the leading source of emissions.

Learner added the clean car standards have been ‘driving innovation’ in the Midwest auto industry, including the move to electric models.”

Read the full article by Andy Balaskovitz, published 4/12/20 on MiBiz.


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