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Behind the Scenes – A Renewable Energy Policy Victory

Electric utility regulatory issues put many people to sleep. They can be legally dry and technically complicated. However, for ELPC’s clean energy legal and policy wonks, these issues are often truly interesting, and we dig in deep. Most importantly, what ELPC’s team then accomplishes before the courts, legislatures and public utility regulatory commissions really does

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Oil Prices Matter When It Comes to Pipelines

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo. Which of the controversial large oil pipelines are going to go? Some might be on a path to nowhere, financially. Oil prices have fallen so much that Exxon reported its first quarterly loss since 1988 and announced that it will shut down 75% of its oil rigs in the Permian Basin

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Safe Clean Water Matters, Especially Now

The Trump Administration is at it again. While Americans are focused on dealing with COVID-19 pandemic challenges and stresses, the Trump EPA used that distraction as cover for publishing its final replacement of the 2015 Clean Water Rule. This misguided action rolls back regulatory standards designed to protect community rivers, creeks, streams and wetlands that

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Earth Day 2020: 50 Years of Progress with Work Still To Do

Earth Day 1970 sounded an alarm that launched the modern environmental movement. We’ve made tremendous progress towards healthier air, safer water, and less toxic pollution in our communities. The Clean Air Act is working: you can now drive through Northwest Indiana with the windows rolled down without choking on so much smog. The Clean Water

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Great Lakes Now – From Rust to Resilience: Climate change brings new challenges and opportunities to Great Lakes cities

“Recent high water levels have shorelines, parklands, lakeside trails and even homes disappearing along various other coastlines, including, as Side Effects Public Media reports, one of our newest national parks, Indiana Dunes. As a result, attention is being focused in some areas on revamping coastal infrastructure to prepare for more rapidly shifting and drastic highs

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Air Quality Matters In a Respiratory Health Global Pandemic

In the the midst of a global public health crisis, most air quality news has been focused on the cleaner air from less vehicle traffic and industrial activity. Sadly, it’s not all good news. What in the world was Hilco thinking in demolishing its coal plant without dust control in the Little Village community in

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Chicago Tribune: Under pressure from lawyers and Illinois politicians, Indiana accuses Lake Michigan steel mill of manipulating water pollution samples after fish-killing spill

After the ArcelorMittal steel mill in Ogden Dunes, IN released concentrated cyanide and ammonia into a stream that feeds Lake Michigan, causing fish kills and beach closures, ELPC and the Hoosier Environmental Council filed suit for years of Clean Water Act violations. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management started following the steel mill’s pollution more

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Right Now, EPA Should Be Doing More to Clean Up Our Air Not Less

The US EPA is in hyper-speed rollback mode. Whether it’s action on climate, clean air, or clean water – not even a global public health crisis can stop them from rushing forward with proposals or final rules that will harm public health and our environment. Now the EPA is gearing up to leave existing standards

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MiBiz: Court challenges to follow Trump administration’s vehicle fuel economy rollback

The Trump administration is moving forward with rolling back clean car standards in the midst of a respiratory pandemic. ELPC and colleagues are fighting back to protect Midwest jobs, affordable transportation, and clean air. “Howard Learner, executive director of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center, said his group and other allies will file suit in federal appeals

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Sound Science is Vital to Public Health

I really am stunned that we need to defend established science. Vital environmental standards depend on sound science in the regulatory process. The American people overwhelmingly support these sensible public health protections, but we’re seeing a “throw the spaghetti against the wall” attempt to defeat them left and right. Here’s the latest battle which ELPC,

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