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Smoke and Mirrors on Clean Air Cost-Benefit Analysis

“Consistency and Transparency” sound like good things, but a new rule from the Trump EPA would be bad on many levels. The proposed rule, Increasing Consistency and Transparency in Considering Benefits and Costs in the Clean Air Act Rulemaking Process is unnecessary and duplicative, and it is downright harmful. By limiting EPA’s ability to consider important

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Adieu Review: NEPA Rollback Undercuts Sensible Environmental Protections

On July 16, 2020, the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) published its final rule rewriting the requirements for how federal agencies comply with the National Environmental Policy Act, known as “NEPA.” I identified our concerns about the draft rule in a blog entry back in January, and my colleague Ann Mesnikoff testified in front of

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Surviving the Smog Days of Summer: ELPC Fights for Clean Air

While many of Chicago’s usual summer activities have been canceled this year, one has not: the fight against ozone pollution. Also known as smog, ozone is dangerous to people of all ages, especially in the summer months. Victories in Ozone Designation Lawsuit On July 10, 2020, the D.C. Circuit issued its opinion in ELPC and Respiratory

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EPA Refuses to Strengthen Air Pollution Standards During Global Respiratory Pandemic

A few weeks ago, I testified before the US EPA against Administrator Wheeler’s decision not to strengthen the PM2.5 annual and 24-hour standards. This decision was made despite the findings of career scientists and the recommendations of an independent 20-member panel of experts. Moreover, this decision was made against the backdrop of a global respiratory pandemic that highlights

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General Iron is not a good neighbor, no matter the neighborhood

COVID-19 is not the only threat to Chicago’s lungs this spring, as neighborhoods struggle with toxic polluters in multiple parts of the city. After Hilco’s demolition of the Crawford coal plant blanketed Little Village with a dark cloud of pollution just a month ago, many hoped to see environmental hazards taken seriously in light of

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Behind the Scenes – A Renewable Energy Policy Victory

Electric utility regulatory issues put many people to sleep. They can be legally dry and technically complicated. However, for ELPC’s clean energy legal and policy wonks, these issues are often truly interesting, and we dig in deep. Most importantly, what ELPC’s team then accomplishes before the courts, legislatures and public utility regulatory commissions really does

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Earth Day 2020: 50 Years of Progress with Work Still To Do

Earth Day 1970 sounded an alarm that launched the modern environmental movement. We’ve made tremendous progress towards healthier air, safer water, and less toxic pollution in our communities. The Clean Air Act is working: you can now drive through Northwest Indiana with the windows rolled down without choking on so much smog. The Clean Water

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Air Quality Matters In a Respiratory Health Global Pandemic

In the the midst of a global public health crisis, most air quality news has been focused on the cleaner air from less vehicle traffic and industrial activity. Sadly, it’s not all good news. What in the world was Hilco thinking in demolishing its coal plant without dust control in the Little Village community in

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Right Now, EPA Should Be Doing More to Clean Up Our Air Not Less

The US EPA is in hyper-speed rollback mode. Whether it’s action on climate, clean air, or clean water – not even a global public health crisis can stop them from rushing forward with proposals or final rules that will harm public health and our environment. Now the EPA is gearing up to leave existing standards

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MiBiz: Court challenges to follow Trump administration’s vehicle fuel economy rollback

The Trump administration is moving forward with rolling back clean car standards in the midst of a respiratory pandemic. ELPC and colleagues are fighting back to protect Midwest jobs, affordable transportation, and clean air. “Howard Learner, executive director of the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center, said his group and other allies will file suit in federal appeals

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