Farm Energy

ELPC believes in the potential of rural America to develop and produce clean, renewable energy. Our Farm Bill – Clean Energy Development Initiative focuses on clean energy diversification and independence, rural economic development, job creation, and improved environmental quality for all Americans.

The 2002 Farm Bill – Clean Energy Development programs are among the largest new direct federal investments in renewable energy in at least 20 years, and the recently-passed 2007 Federal Farm Bill represents a major opportunity to increase agriculture energy across the country. ELPC’s Farm Bill – Clean Energy Development Initiative meets the following needs:

Strong, effective national public advocacy and education for farm-based clean energy programs with national and local policymakers and federal and state officials.

Technical and business outreach for state energy and agriculture officials and key business groups (bankers, energy efficiency consultants, wind developers, etc.) to identify and implement the best value-added leveraging opportunities and improve program education.

Coordination and leadership for a growing, diverse ag-energy coalition of farm, agricultural commodity, rural economic development, sustainable energy, environmental and other organizations supporting and promoting Farm Bill – Clean Energy Development programs.

Learn more at – our comprehensive website on Farm Bill clean energy programs.


New ELPC Report: Farm Energy Success Stories (3rd Edition)

The new edition of ELPC’s Farm Energy Success Stories features over a dozen projects from across the nation funded by the Farm Bill’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which ELPC has long championed.  These projects span a wide variety of technologies — including biomass, anaerobic digesters, energy efficiency, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind — […]  Read More