Wisconsin’s Northwoods

The Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest has been identified as one of the “10 most endangered national forests” in the nation. It is one of the most heavily-logged national forests in the Eastern region (which stretches from Minnesota to Maine). At the cutting rate employed over the last 10 years, every single log-able acre would be cut in 45 years. The harmful impacts of such extensive logging on waterways, habitat and related natural resources and conservation goals are significant. ELPC is working through federal courts to protect this treasured resource.

The Chequamegon-Nicolet is a very special place. It covers approximately 1.5 million acres in the northern part of Wisconsin, including numerous rivers and more than 300 species of animals. The area consists primarily of northern hardwood, mixed conifer, and aspen trees, along with numerous rivers, lakes and other waterways. Its habitat include several endangered and threatened species, such as the Northern goshawk, Red-shouldered hawk and American pine marten.

We need to restore ecological balance to this very special place in the Midwest.

ELPC doesn’t want logging to stop—just to be more balanced with environmental considerations. In so doing, we can continue logging employment where it makes sense, while also preserving the outdoor environment for the growing tourism industry and for the ecosystem services provided by this significant natural area.


Michigan Radio: Power line fight in the U.P.

“New power lines would cut a swath for more than a hundred miles through northern forests, and they’d be expensive,” says a story by Bob Allen for The Environment Report.  ELPC is working to ensure the proposed new transmission lines are studied thoroughly instead of fast-tracked through a proposed special process. Read the story.  Read More