Highway Alternatives

There is a quiet revolution in car use as driving patterns and car technologies are fundamentally changing our transportation needs. Gas tax revenues are on the decline, and our government leaders need to prioritize better and make smarter choices about where to spend our dwindling transportation funds.

For example, the proposed Illiana Expressway – a $1.5 billion, 47-mile tollway from Interstate 55 near Wilmington, Ill., to Interstate 65, near Lowell, Ind. – would waste taxpayer money, conflict with long-term regional development plans, and threaten the globally significant wildlife habitats in the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. What’s more, a better alternative exists — rebuilding, modernizing and maintaining current roadways in high-density areas. Learn more at www.NoIlliana.org.


What is ELPC Doing?

ELPC has a long history of providing legal counsel, economic analysis and media outreach services in partnership with grassroots organizations seeking to challenge wasteful highway proposals. Our attorneys analyze the proposed highways’ Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) – a decision-making tool that describes the environmental effects of the project and alternatives that would lesson those effects – and ensure that all state and federal laws are being followed. Alongside the legal analysis, our MBAs analyze the economic impacts of the proposals, which are often disastrous for both local communities as well as taxpayers. Finally, our communications specialists work to communicate the results of our legal and financial analysis to both decisionmakers and the public.


Chicago Tonight: Howard Learner on Analyzing the Illiana Expressway

Please view this video of ELPC Executive Director Howard Learner on Chicago Tonight discussing the Illiana Expressway, a proposed 50-mile toll road that would connect Interstate 55 near Wilmington, Ill. with Interstate 65 in Lowell, Ind. The project is a boondoggle and Learner implored the Illinois Department of Transportation to “stop wasting taxpayers’ money.” Check […]  Read More