ELPC Design Jam


ELPC 20th Anniversary Design Jam a Success

Chicago Graphic Artists Create Stunning Posters Capturing Environmental Issues

CHICAGO- Twenty five graphic designers gave up a Saturday to rise to the challenge of visualizing environmental data and participate in the Environmental Law & Policy Center’s first Design Jam.

ELPC created the event to bring together the vibrant design community in Chicago and local environmentalists with the hopes of using open data to produce posters on sulfur dioxide pollution, solar energy potential, and the at-risk bumble bee populations.

“There is so much happening with open data in Chicago . We wanted to find out how a group of incredibly creative designers would interpret the data that is so important to our work,” said ELPC media manager David Jakubiak.

ELPC looks forward to using the same data to create interactive tools later this year.

By beginning with designers, ELPC can start building widespread awareness around the issues through a poster campaign. ELPC was excited to bring in designers’ vast experience with creating an interface that grabs attention quickly and conveys information effectively. In the fall of this year, ELPC and partners will host a hackathon to construct the interactive tool that the public can use to access the data on the given issues.

The top posters all offered sophisticated and restrained designs, displaying the issues succinctly and in a stunning manner. The first place winner for the Design Jam came from Luke Paisley’s examination of sulfur dioxide’s impact on public health and the environment; second place was Nikole Gramm’s look at foods that would be impacted by the loss of bees; and third place was Graham Ebetsch’s study of pollinators and agriculture, and the honorable mentions were bestowed to Katie Ingersoll’s display of solar energy potential and Alex Sheyn’s call to “Save the Bees.”

Paisley’s top design caught the attention of the judges because of its clean and movie-poster like design shows where sulfur dioxide comes from, what the environmental and public health effects of sulfur dioxide are, and what people can do about it.

Judges for the poster campaign included Jason Kunesh from the 2012 Obama Campaign, Max Temkin from Cards Against Humanity and Maxistentalism.com, Billy Carlson from Threadless, Liz Dykes from Manifest Digital, and PJ Macklin from SoundSlice.com.

The posters winning posters were displayed at ELPC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration on April 17, 2013.


We would like to send a very special thank you to our judges for this event:

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