Bismarck Tribune: Appeal Challenges Davis Refinery Air Quality Permit

Appeal Challenges Davis Refinery Air Quality Permit
By Amy Dalrymple

The National Parks Conservation Association and two other groups filed an appeal Thursday challenging an air quality permit for an oil refinery proposed near Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

The appeal filed in Southwest Judicial District Court challenges the North Dakota Department of Health’s finding that the Davis Refinery would be classified as a synthetic minor source of air pollution.

The complaint argues the refinery being developed by Meridian Energy near Belfield should be classified as a major source of air pollution, which would require a more rigorous regulatory review.

Stephanie Kodish, clean air program director for the National Parks Conservation Association, said the Davis Refinery lacks necessary safeguards to minimize pollution and protect the air quality in the national park, which is 3 miles away.

“National Parks Conservation Association refuses to stand by and allow Meridian Energy Group to pollute the air within and surrounding Theodore Roosevelt National Park with its proposed oil refinery,” Kodish said in a statement.

The Dakota Resource Council and the Environmental Law & Policy Center joined the NPCA in filing the appeal, which seeks a court to reverse the health department’s decision and send it back to the agency for further review.

The appeal argues that Meridian Energy underestimates what the emissions will be and claims the health department’s monitoring and testing requirements are inadequate to ensure compliance with the permit.




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