Des Moines Register: Obama Climate Plan Could be Big for Renewables

In Wednesday’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s Climate Change Plan, the Des Moines Register spoke with ELPC’s Howard Learner, who zeroed in on the promise the plan holds for the region’s renewable energy industry:

“The president’s emphasis on renewable energy is “a big winner for Iowa,” said Howard Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center in Chicago. In addition to being a major wind energy producer, Iowa also has become a hub for turbine manufacturing, from spinning blades to nuts and bolts.

Opening more public land to wind generation should keep those plants running strong, he said.

‘To the extent that the president’s climate action plan moves forward, that’s good for more wind power developments in Iowa, that’s good for job creation, that’s good for economic growth and it’s good for the environment,’ Learner said.”


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