Howard Learner at Huffington Post: Challenge Naysayers on Global Warming

The naysayers keep arguing that reducing global warming pollution is too expensive, too hard, will cost too much money and will irreparably harm our economy. But the facts say otherwise, ELPC President and Executive Director Howard Learner argues over at Huffington Post:

“We’ve heard this refrain before. Seat belts supposedly would dramatically increase the costs of cars, make no safety difference and wouldn’t be used by drivers and riders. Catalytic converters supposedly wouldn’t really reduce pollution and would make cars unaffordable. Reducing sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain supposedly would cost electric utilities $2,000 – $3,000 per ton, cause electric rates to skyrocket and not help the environment very much….

“…So when you hear that economic disaster will somehow befall the United States if we step up and act to help solve our global warming problems, think about the facts, the above history, and Americans’ capacity for technological innovation, especially when given the right mix of regulatory and financial market incentives.”

Read the full post here.


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