Tesla Unveils Superchargers in Normal, IL

June 26, 2013 — Tesla unveiled a new charging station that can charge up to four Tesla Model S vehicles at the Normal, IL, Uptown Station parking garage. This station is part of a nationwide charging station network that Tesla announced in May 2013 and that the company is fully funding. According to a company spokesperson, the aim of the network is to make chargers available on well-traveled routes, every 80-100 miles in between metro areas.

The Tesla Model S has an EPA-estimated range of 200+ miles, and “super-chargers” like those unveiled in Normal this week can re-charge the cars in about 40 minutes — or, if preferred, about 3 hours worth of driving in just 20 minutes. The direct-current, or DC, charge is much more powerful than typical 120- or 240-volt outlets found in most homes.

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Normal’s Uptown Station, like other super-charger locations, is strategically located near shopping and dining opportunities to encourage drivers to spend time and money at local businesses while their car is “at the pump.” While only the Tesla Model S can use these new chargers, there are more than 50 chargers in the Bloomington-Normal area — including 6 in the same parking structure — that can be used by any electric vehicle. According to the Bloomginton Pantagraph, there are more than 200 electric vehicles registered in the Twin Cities. Statewide, there are more than 500 Tesla owners.

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