Center for Neighborhood Technology – Director, Transportation Program

Overview: The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) works to build more livable and sustainable urban communities. CNT fulfills this mission by delivering game-changing research, data tools and solutions, and on-the-ground demonstrations to address environmental and social challenges and make advocacy successful in neighborhoods across the country. CNT is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, funded through philanthropic sources, government agencies and service contracts with businesses and government agencies.

Since its founding in 1978, CNT’s work has fueled a generation of community development and learning institutions, earning a reputation as an economic innovator and leader in the field of creative sustainable development. CNT combines rigorous research with effective action to achieve substantial improvements in public policy and private markets across sectors and fields. CNT’s work was recognized with a 2009 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.

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Post Description: CNT is seeking an innovative and committed leader to serve as director of CNT’s transportation program. The organization has a history of leadership in the transportation field and is recognized as a national innovator and effective advocate in the field of environmental justice and transportation equity. CNT has significant analytical strength, as shown in several recent products: the pioneering H+T Index, which demonstrates the hidden transportation costs in housing location decisions; the Right-Size Parking Calculator, which helps communities more realistically plan for parking needs; AllTransit, which compares transit access across the nation; equitable Transit Oriented Development (eTOD), which allows analysis of housing affordability near transit; and Cargo Oriented Development (COD), which demonstrates the use of freight transportation assets to leverage sustainable, industrial redevelopment. CNT also launched one of the nation’s first car-sharing companies, I-Go.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Thought leadership. The transportation director will be responsible for positioning CNT at the forefront of transportation policy discussions, particularly in terms of equity.
  • Program development and management. The transportation director will organize CNT’s various transportation initiatives into a coherent program, and will explore, initiate, and manage discrete projects within the larger program. Responsibilities include developing multi-year goals, annual work plans and budgets, and managing programs and staff.
  • Research and analysis. The transportation director will engage with CNT’s urban analytics department on the production of innovative, original analysis. Strong analytical abilities are a plus, as well as the ability to work with analysts on joint projects. The transportation director will promote the use of CNT’s analytical tools related to transportation and will help guide the design of these tools so that they are as useful to practitioners as possible.
  • Demonstration program management. CNT’s research and analysis are not theoretical but applied to real world cases. The transportation director should be capable of contributing to direct implementation of CNT’s ideas – whether through a new transportation service, a real estate development proposal based around transit or freight assets, or other practical projects.
  • Advocacy and communications. The transportation director will represent CNT externally in a variety of settings – sometimes supporting existing policies and proposals, but sometimes offering criticisms and challenging the status quo.
  • Fundraising and program support. In collaboration with the Managing Director of Development and other senior staff, the transportation director will support fundraising efforts for the program. With support from others at CNT, the transportation director will cultivate new funding opportunities, expand existing funding relationships, seek funding from both philanthropic sources and competitive RFPs, and build productive partnerships with other organizations and companies.

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