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ELPC Executive Director Howard Learner is an experienced attorney and the founder of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. He is responsible for ELPC’s overall strategic leadership, policy direction and financial platform. Howard’s blog includes his analysis of recent developments in clean energy, clean air, clean water, clean transportation and natural resources, as well as notes about ELPC organizational news.

New National Air Pollution Standards Will Create a Healthier Nation and a Stronger Economy

Statement by Howard A. Learner, Executive Director, Environmental Law & Policy Center “Preventing just one death is heroic, and EPA’s new pollution reduction standards do even better by preventing tens of thousands of premature deaths and heart attacks and avoiding hundreds of thousands of illnesses. Reducing soot and smog can alleviate asthma and help people’s

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Post-Election Strategies for Midwest Progress

Many pundits have reduced the November 2010 election results to quick generalized sound bites reflecting the noisiest politicians, but the impacts on environmental and transportation issues are more complicated. Most of the elected Midwest Governors are reasonably pragmatic and open-minded when it comes to renewable energy, energy efficiency, natural resources preservation and high-speed rail development.

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Florida Governor Scott Puts Short-Sighted Partisan Politics Above People’s Transportation Need and Job Creation

This week, Florida Governor Rick Scott rejected $2.4 billion in federal funds to build a modern passenger rail line between Orlando and Tampa that would have created jobs and supercharged Florida’s tourism industry. Instead, he placed short-sighted partisan politics above people’s transportation needs and job creation. Governor Scott’s apparent motivations were reflected in his partisan

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President Obama’s Proposed Investments in Clean Energy and Rail Infrastructure Will Create Green Jobs and Economic Growth in the Midwest

STATEMENT OF HOWARD A. LEARNER, Executive Director Environmental Law & Policy Center “Americans do believe that environmental progress can be achieved together with job creation and economic growth. President Obama’s address identified Midwestern clean energy and high-speed rail development projects where this is already happening. Hundreds of old-line Rust Belt manufacturers are retooling to produce

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