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ELPC Executive Director Howard Learner is an experienced attorney and the founder of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. He is responsible for ELPC’s overall strategic leadership, policy direction and financial platform. Howard’s blog includes his analysis of recent developments in clean energy, clean air, clean water, clean transportation and natural resources, as well as notes about ELPC organizational news.

Howard Learner at Huffington Post: Gearing Up to Advance the Green Economy

ELPC President and Executive Director Howard Learner outlines the public policy changes that the Obama administration and the new Congress should focus on to grow the green economy and create a cleaner environment in this article on the Huffington Post: “It’s time to gear up to seize the opportunities to advance a greener economy and

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Investing in Clean Energy Is A Smart Strategy in the Troubled Economy

Let’s face it. America’s economy is bad shape. Some will seize upon the troubled times to argue that we should cut back on investing in clean energy and environmental protection. But that’s the wrong direction both for today and for the future. For today, energy efficiency makes even more sense in tight financial times. Businesses

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Two Victories for Cleaner Water and Cleaner Air in Kentucky

Clean Water: Thirty-five years after the federal Clean Water Act passed, most Midwestern states still have not adopted all of the water quality standards required by the Act. The consequence: polluted rivers and lakes that harm aquatic life and fail to achieve our quality of life goals. ELPC Senior Attorney Albert Ettinger and Staff Attorneys

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Howard Learner at Huffington Post: Challenge Naysayers on Global Warming

The naysayers keep arguing that reducing global warming pollution is too expensive, too hard, will cost too much money and will irreparably harm our economy. But the facts say otherwise, ELPC President and Executive Director Howard Learner argues over at Huffington Post: “We’ve heard this refrain before. Seat belts supposedly would dramatically increase the costs

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ELPC’s Founding Vision is Becoming Today’s Sustainability Reality

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