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US News: GOP Hopefuls to Face Pressure on Tax Credit

Iowa isn’t just all about corn and soybeans anymore. The Hawkeye State generates 27 percent of its electricity from wind, the most in the nation, according to the Wind Energy Foundation. It also boasts 4,000 industry-related jobs. And companies dole out millions in annual payments to farmers who agree to erect wind turbines on their

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Midwest Energy News: Ohio ruling doesn’t rule out ‘bailout’ plans in the future

While Ohio regulators last week rejected one utility’s plan to guarantee income for its power plants – characterized by critics as a “bailout” – the decision left the door open for similar proposals in the future. Meanwhile, protective orders will continue to prevent public disclosure of all the facts and figures behind the plans proposed

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Belleville News Democrat: Don’t fall for Exelon bailout

Good old Exelon. The company has come up with legislation to subsidize its nuclear reactors, get electric users throughout the state to pay for it and claim it’s in the interest of clean energy. State lawmakers need to see this bill for the dirty trick it is and kill it. A 2 percent surcharge would

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Wisconsin Public Radio: Wisconsin’s Renewable Energy Sector Has Room To Grow, Survey Finds

A new report shows Wisconsin’s renewable energy sector employs 6,800 people, but its authors say the state could do more to encourage growth. Listen to the story:

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