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Midwest Energy News: Dynegy Plan would Cost RatePayers

Story re-posted from Midwest Energy News Dynegy Plan to Switch Grid Operators would Cost Ratepayers By Kari Lydersen Last year, Ameren Corp. basically paid Dynegy Inc. to take five aging coal plants in downstate Illinois off its hands. Now Dynegy is seeking to make those plants more profitable, through changes to the way they are

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Journal Standard: Quinn pushes Illiana Tollway, Peotone boondoggles

By Chuck Sweeny You remember the “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska, right? Well, here’s a column about a $1.3 billion tollway from nowhere to nowhere, to serve an airport that will never be built. Only in Illinois, with clueless Indiana playing a bit part, could this happen. Allen Grosboll, co-legislative director of ELPC, said the

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Time to Get WI Back on Track with High Speed Rail

CHICAGO, Ill. – Wisconsin now has to play catch-up, says Howard Learner, executive director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC), noting the state has been left behind by its Midwest neighbors in high-speed rail. The ELPC is expanding its advertising campaign in Wisconsin, erecting another billboard south of Milwaukee to encourage political leaders

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Choo-Choo-Choosing a New Home for Ann Arbor’s Amtrak Station

When the Haute-Picardie was built between Paris and Lille in France, no one could complain that it didn’t have plentiful enough parking. In the middle of a beetroot field, 40 kilometers from the community it was meant to serve, it was nothing if not accommodating to cars, and planners hoped economic activity would naturally sprout

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