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Chicago Tribune: Fracking in Illinois: The rules, and why they matter

Environmentalists, oil and gas developers and anti-fracking groups are anxiously awaiting Friday’s unveiling of regulations for fracking operations in Illinois. Once approved by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, possibly as early as September, high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing operations can apply to drill in the state. The latest rules are expected to address about 30,000

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Greenwire: Bulk pricing drives 1,500 Chicagoans to sign up for rooftop PV systems

Since its July 9 launch, the “Solar Chicago” program has secured contracts for more than 60 kilowatts of new solar installations, according to organizers, significantly more than initially projected. The program expects to secure contracts for 100 kilowatts of rooftop photovoltaic capacity before the Sept. 30 registration deadline, generating further savings for program participants. More

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Howard Learner’s New Comment in Environmental Law Reporter: “Emerging Clarity in Climate Change Law: EPA Empowered and State Common Law Remedies Enabled”

Please see ELPC Executive Director Howard Learner’s new Comment in the Environmental Law Reporter (September 2014):  “Emerging Clarity in Climate Change Law:  EPA Empowered and State Common Law Remedies Enabled” (pdf).  This legal analysis addresses: (1) How the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decisions in EPA v. EME Homer City and UARG v. EPA fill out

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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Electric rates could rise 5% in January for We Energies customers

Electric rates for homeowners and other residential customers of We Energies could go up nearly 5% in January, depending on how state regulators decide the utility’s 2015-’16 rate case this fall. While the overall rate increase is proposed to be just under 2% — staying below the projected inflation rate — residential customers would see

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