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Des Moines Register: ELPC’s Mandelbaum makes strong case opposing Iowa bill aimed at eliminating Des Moines Water Works

Raucous Crowd Opposes Water Works Bill at Capitol March 6, 2017 By Kim Norvell Hundreds of people filled a Capitol hearing room Monday morning to voice opposition to a controversial bill that would dismantle Des Moines Water Works. Applause and chants of “kill the bill” and “water is life” could be heard from the Rotunda where overflow

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MLive: ELPC’s Learner says Michigan policymakers should pay attention to poll results showing residents make environment high priority

Most in Michigan Favor Protecting Environment Even at Economic Expense March 7, 2017 By Garrett Ellison EAST LANSING, MI — In a post-election poll, Michiganders were asked a tough question about how much they really value environmental protections.   The question, posed to 1,000 residents over 18 by researchers with Michigan State University and the

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Greenwire: Howard Learner “Encouraged” By Peabody Energy’s Move Away from Self-Bonding

Peabody Moves Away from Self-Bonding Dylan Brown Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Peabody Energy Corp. yesterday declared its intention to give up — at least for now — on a controversial method for meeting mine cleanup bonding obligations. Nearly a year into its bankruptcy, environmentalists and state regulators pressured the world’s largest private-sector coal company to

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Cedar Rapids Gazette: ELPC’s Mandelbaum Says Voluntary Efforts to Protect Iowa Waterways Simply Not Working

Can Voluntary Conservation Efforts Work? March 5, 2017 By Orlan Love With barely perceptible progress in Iowa’s effort to reduce nutrient pollution in surface waters, the state’s voluntary approach to private lands conservation is under increasing pressure and criticism. Believing that voluntary conservation will not work, many environmental groups urge that agriculture be subject to

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