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Howard Learner at Huffington Post: Gearing Up to Advance the Green Economy

ELPC President and Executive Director Howard Learner outlines the public policy changes that the Obama administration and the new Congress should focus on to grow the green economy and create a cleaner environment in this article on the Huffington Post:

“It’s time to gear up to seize the opportunities to advance a greener economy and cleaner environment with the new Administration and new Congress. The Midwest and Great Plains states can become business and economic winners in growing the new green economy… Moreover, when it comes to public policy changes, the nation’s Heartland is also a linchpin to reform…

“…Let’s not kid ourselves; achieving this agenda won’t be easy. Ideological opponents are seizing on our country’s economic crisis as a reason to put off action. But the scientists tell us that we must start now to seriously reduce global warming pollution. We can’t just hit the “pause” button and hold off on corrective actions until the economy gets better. Besides, energy efficiency saves us money, and clean energy solutions can create jobs and grow the green economy.”

Read the full post here.


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