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Take down the TRUMP sign along the improved Chicago Riverwalk!

TakeTrumpSignDownThe enormous TRUMP sign along the scenic Chicago Riverwalk is a 20-foot-high, 141-foot-across blight on this otherwise beautiful environmental, architectural, cultural and economic corridor. This sign offends community values and shouldn’t be there. Help end this offensive visual pollution by signing our petition to #TakeTrumpSignDown!

Respected Chicago Tribune architectural writer Blair Kamin has blasted the sign on Chicago’s Trump Tower as “grotesquely oversized” and “crudely detailed.” And Mayor Rahm Emanuel has called the sign “awful” and “in very poor taste.” In fact, the mayor was so moved by the sign’s unpleasantness – and, no doubt, by the scores of Chicago voters who agreed with him – that he drafted a new ordinance, later adopted by the city council, to limit the size and placement of future signage along the Riverwalk.

But the Trump sign eyesore remains. Tell the mayor you want it taken down. 

The newly improved Chicago Riverwalk is generating broad public support to preserve the public space as a place where civic values take priority over this offensive commercialism. Chicago’s downtown Riverwalk should be a recreational showplace lined with trees, walking paths and restaurants – NOT Las Vegas-style excess. Take action today to support the removal of the “TRUMP” sign on this tower along our community’s iconic Chicago River.


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