Repowering the Midwest

ELPC’s 2001 report, “Repowering the Midwest: The Clean Energy Development Plan for the Midwest,” was a blueprint for harnessing clean, affordable energy efficiency and renewable energy in the Midwest. Here’s what we said about the report when it launched:

“Implementing the Clean Energy Development Plan will shift the region’s electricity source mix from a reliance on coal and nuclear power to cleaner fuels. By 2020, implementing the Clean Energy Development Plan would reduce electricity demand, reduce generation from coal-powered utilities and enable the region to receive 22% of its electricity from renewable resources. Doing this will result in dramatic reductions in acid rain and smog by reducing SO2 and NOx emissions, as well as mitigate global warming by reducing CO2 pollution. Additionally, the Plan outlines how this shift will produce economic development benefits and improve the reliability of the region’s electricity supply.”

Download the full report to the right, or check out your state fact sheet:


Repowering Chicago

InstalledWind2000-2015 with under constructionELPC Executive Director Howard Learner’s September 2015 white paper, “Repowering Chicago: Accelerating the Cleaner, More Resilient and More Affordable Electricity Market Transformation,”  was commissioned by the University of Illinois-Chicago for its 2015 Urban Forum.  This forward-looking, strategic analysis and roadmap explains how Chicago and the Midwest are on the cusp of fundamental changes in the way that people and businesses obtain, supply and use electricity — and what that means for our economy and environment.  This analysis is specifically focused on Chicago, but it’s applicable to the Midwest and nationally.

Solar + Battery Storage + EE (especially LEDs) are disruptive technologies that will change the electricity system as much as wireless technologies have changed telecommunications and the ways that we live and work.  You’ve all heard some of the policy, market and technological change ideas from me over the years, and this White Paper pulls the specifics together into a bigger picture and vision.

This new electricity system transformation will be driven by technological innovation, more competition and choices, and much more clean renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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