ELPC Releases Midwest High-Speed Rail Supply Chain Report

A new report released today by the Environmental Law & Policy Center shows  investment in the next generation of rail would increase rail manufacturing and jobs throughout the industrial Midwest.

“Manufacturers across the heartland stand ready to build a 21st century transportation system for America. By investing in high-speed rail, we can revitalize manufacturing, increase mobility, create jobs and reduce pollution.”

The study profiles manufacturers and supply chain companies in the Midwest that are ready to begin making parts and putting people to work improving existing rail systems in the US. This includes 122 in Ohio, 99 in Indiana, 49 in Michigan, 84 in Illinois, 73 in Wisconsin, 26 in Minnesota and 7 in Iowa.

The complete report is online at and can be accessed here.

Manufacturers in the Midwest and beyond are ready and waiting to produce the components and materials needed to usher in America’s next generation of rail, and long-term federal and state government investment is the catalyst for a manufacturing renaissance in the industrial Midwest.

In addition to jobs and economic benefits for the region, a modernized Chicago-hubbed Midwest Network would provide passengers with fast affordable rail service to cities across the Midwest. Travel times between major cities will fall from 30 to 50 percent.







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