Chicago Tribune: Feds withdraw approval for Prairie Parkway

As reported this morning in the Chicago Tribune, the federal government has rescinded its approval of the proposed “Prairie Parkway” project after an 11-year effort by opponents to stop the wasteful and damaging proposal from moving forward. ELPC provided legal representation and guidance to Citizens Against the Sprawlway and Friends of the Fox River, which opposed the highway proposal to connect I-80 and I-88 in Chicago’s collar counties. The project would have disrupted small communities and harmed natural resources. In a smart solution supported by Gov. Quinn’s senior staff, money set aside for the proposed highway will instead be used for other needed transportation jobs, therefore improving transportation and creating jobs. Said ELPC Executive Director Howard Learner in today’s article:

“In financially constrained times for transportation projects, the State of Illinois and municipalities need to be very smart about how they devote funds. This is a good lesson to move funds to better alternatives, and it is a good lesson in citizen engagement. Over the years, the local residents who opposed the Hastert Highway built support and made the case to local officials. Over time, that carried the day.’’

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