ELPC Will Intervene to Defend Iowa’s Clean Water Standards

Following a judge’s decision on February 3, ELPC will help to defend clean water in Iowa by intervening in a legal challenge to the clean water anti-degradation standards Iowa passed in 2010. ELPC and other local partners played a key role in advocating for the standards, which help protect Iowa lakes and rivers from further pollution. The federal Clean Water Act requires all states to put anti-degradation standards in place. ELPC worked with the Iowa Environmental Council, Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club, Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association and others to ensure that the standards protect Iowa’s important water resources.

The court ruled that ELPC and its partners should be allowed to intervene in the case, stating “the applicants for intervention are environmental groups that have been active in the administrative process and it would be more than beneficial to have their input as intervenors in this case.”

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and Iowa Water Environment Association have challenged the rules. ELPC will continue to work with our partners to uphold these common-sense standards that protect Iowa’s lakes and streams.


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