Better, Cheaper and Cleaner Alternatives to Proposed Route 53 Tollroad Expansion in Lake County

Lake County residents will soon consider an advisory referendum for the proposed expansion of the Route 53 tollroad into Lake County. This massive 25-mile tollroad expansion faces the same fundamental problems that have stopped it for years: billions of dollars in construction costs, the limited effectiveness of a massive new north-south tollroad for alleviating west-east traffic congestion, and the harmful environmental impacts of paving over wetlands and more air pollution. There are better, cheaper and environmentally safer alternatives.

First of all, the projected blockbuster construction cost of about $1.5 billion or more for this tollroad expansion is largely unaffordable in today’s economy without raising tolls on the Tri-State Tollway in Lake County and other tollroads. Moreover, that construction cost estimate was made years ago by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, and it is likely to go up if and when this tollroad expansion is actually built at some future date. There are good reasons why the Toll Highway Authority itself has eliminated the Route 53 Tollroad expansion from its 10-Year plan.

Read the full press release on Route 53 toll road alternatives.


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