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ELPC Letter Asks Michigan AG Bill Schuette to Withdraw His Appeal Challenging the EPA’s Mercury Pollution Reduction Standards

I think you will be interested in this letter that I sent on Tuesday to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. It’s time for AG Schuette and the State of Michigan to act to better protect children’s health, safe food and safe water.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin that impairs fetal brain development, reduces children’s IQ and their ability to learn, and otherwise harms children’s health.  Especially in light of the Flint lead poisoning tragedy, Attorney General Schuette and Michigan’s other leading public officials are painfully aware of the importance of appropriate and necessary regulation to protect public health, clean air, safe water and safe food.

The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards will reduce mercury, acid gases and other toxics pollution from coal-fired power plant smokestacks and thereby protect human health and our environment.  This is sound regulation to avoid mercury contamination of the Great Lakes, inland lakes and rivers that results in the bioaccumulation of mercury in fish, which are eaten by people.  Sadly, it’s not safe for many people – especially pregnant women – to eat much of the fish they catch in the Great Lakes, inland lakes and rivers as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has recognized.  Consumers Energy and DTE have already or will soon install modern pollution control equipment on the coal plants, which these companies plan to continue operating, by the extended April 2016 deadline to comply with the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

Dozens of Michigan residents are engaging by requesting that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette withdraw State of Michigan’s challenge to the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.  That would show the people of Michigan that he understands of the importance of taking actions now to better protect children’s health, clean air and safe water.  It’s time for the State of Michigan to move forward in this positive direction to reduce mercury and other toxics pollution that harms our children’s health and our environment.




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