ELPC Supply Chain Reports: Rail, Wind, Solar & Geothermal

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February 2013 Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin Rail The study profiles manufacturers and supply chain companies in the Midwest that are ready to begin making parts and putting people to work improving existing rail systems in the US. This includes 122 in Ohio, 99 in Indiana, 49 in Michigan, 84 in Illinois, 73 in Wisconsin, 26 in Minnesota and 7 in Iowa.
October 2011 Wisconsin WindSolar This ELPC report finds that Wisconsin is home to more than 250 wind and solar supply chain businesses that are tied to more than 12,000 Wisconsin jobs. Old-line manufacturing companies are re-tooling to supply growing markets for clean energy equipment.Google Map
July 2011 Illinois WindSolarGeothermal This ELPC report finds that over 300 Illinois companies are working in the wind, solar or geothermal energy industries and employing over 18,000 people in the state. From old-line steel fabricators to high-tech start-ups, renewable energy is powering job growth and launching Illinois to the forefront of the green economy.Google Map
April 2011 Michigan WindSolar This ELPC report finds there are 121 Michigan businesses working in solar energy and 120 companies involved in wind power. From old-line manufacturing  companies retooling for this growing market to high tech R&D, renewable energy is driving business growth in Michigan.  Solar and Wind power provide over 10,000 jobs in Michigan.  The state ranks fourth in the nation for number of jobs in the solar industry and first in the nation for clean energy patents.Listen: ELPC BriefingGoogle Map
January 2011 Ohio WindSolar This ELPC report finds that 106* Ohio companies are doing business with the wind power industry and 63 Ohio companies are part of the solar energy supply chain. Ohio’s strong manufacturing base and skilled workforce, together with supportive policies and smart investments have helped make Ohio a center for clean energy manufacturing. From major companies like First Solar and Cardinal Fastener to over 100 small manufacturers, developers and service firms; clean energy means business for Ohio.Coverage: Columbus DispatchCoverage: Toledo Blade*Since the printing of ELPC’s Ohio Wind Energy Supply Chain Report, the state of Ohio has released new numbers saying that 600 companies are tied to wind energy in that state.Google Map
November 2010 Iowa Wind This ELPC report finds that Iowa’s wind power supply chain comprises 80 Iowa companies with a total of over 2,300 employees in manufacturing alone.  The state ranks second nationally in total wind energy generation. With local manufacturers building everything from huge turbine blades to small electrical components, and service firms providing maintenance, legal, marketing and other support to the industry, wind power means business for Iowa.The report states that a commitment to business development combined with tax incentives, a skilled workforce and a central location have helped make Iowa a leader in the wind industry.Listen: ELPC BriefingCoverage: Cedar Rapids GazetteGoogle Map
November 2010 Illinois Wind This ELPC report finds that more than 100 Illinois companies with a total of over 15,000 employees. These companies range from old-line manufacturers who are retooling to build wind turbine components for the new clean energy economy to corporate headquarters for major wind power developers, to software, financial and support services.Listen: ELPC’s Briefing

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