NW Ohio Wants Action on CAFO's and Lake Erie

New Poll from J. Ann Selzer

Wisconsin Judge Allows CHC Transmission Line Bias Case to Proceed

ELPC Advocacy Protects Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Status

We advocate, innovate, and litigate to protect the Midwest’s environment from the Great Lakes to the Great Plains.


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Thinking Beyond Wires: Using Advanced Transmission Technologies


It's Time for a Rail Revolution


ELPC Applauds $25 Billion Federal Legislation for Electric School Buses


Expanding the Rural Energy Program for Climate Action


Region 5 Water Enforcement Continued to Decline in 2020


Protecting Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

Important Victory

How to Turn a Coal Plant into Electric School Buses

Students in the Pekin and Hollis School Districts will soon ride Illinois’ first vehicle-to-grid (V2G) electric school buses. After ELPC and allies fought to shut down the highly polluting Edwards coal plant nearby, local organizations were able to direct settlement funding to the new buses.


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