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The urgent need for climate action to protect public health

Meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement will have lifesaving health and economic benefits for Illinois and the Midwest. I joined the Illinois delegation to discuss the urgent need for climate action now.

Yesterday I joined Representative Casten, Representative Schakowsky, Representative Foster, Representative Kelly, Representative Schneider, and Representative Underwood to discuss the benefits we will see from meeting the goals set out in the Paris Agreement. When talking about climate, it’s easy to focus on everything we have to lose, not how much we have to gain by taking decisive, immediate action and enacting strong, commonsense policies.

The targets are global, but the benefits to public health, the environment and the economy will be seen locally. Illinois will gain from adopting the goals set five years ago in Paris.

Watch our full discussion below:


Howard A. Learner,

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Howard Learner is an experienced attorney serving as the President and Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. He is responsible for ELPC’s overall strategic leadership, policy direction, and financial platform.

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