Night in Winter - Winnewissa Falls, MN

‘Twas the Night Before

‘Twas the night before Christmas and ELPC
Was striving to fight for resources three:
Clean air, clean water and renewable power
To light up your tree at this Yuletide hour.

The motions were filed in the circuits with care
In the hope that mandamus would soon be writ there.
But algal blooms nestle too snug in lake beds,
As cozy as utilities and PUC heads.

2020’s near over – the dragon near slain.
We now look back in couplet and quatrain.
Our work carries on as COVID-spike season looms.
Here are a few victories won over Skype, Teams and Zoom.

We take on big cases – we’re not noncommittal,
As seen in our suit against ArcelorMittal.

We fight for the Midwest, our knowledge is deep.
We fight polluters in cities, and secure funding for REAP.

While Santa flees north to an HQ so polar,
We’re in the field winning big for Value of Solar.
When EPA leaders are industry toadies
We watch the watchmen – “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

When Clean Water Act enforcement takes a resounding nosedive,
We provide data-led proof for Regions 7 and 5.

Clean power for all – it’s not snooty or haughty.
Santa reserves all *his* coal for the naughty.
When what should appear ensconced in this coda,
But clean energy business reports for Wisconsin and Minnesota.

More rapid than eagles, coal plant closures announced,
As economic realities these dinosaurs trounced.
Now Baldwin! Kinkaid! Joppa! Miami Fort!
On Lansing! On Zimmer, Newton and Rockport!

When the coal plants are done, there’s more work to do.
We help communities create opportunities new.

So as not to kiss our economy goodbye,
We fight to ensure public transit won’t die.

There are more tweets we could add, more for mild blogging
Like our work in the Northwoods, fighting Fourmile logging.

Line 5!

EV buses!

DTE’s rate case!

We’ve had a light year (can’t say THAT with a straight face).

Lest natural areas think we left them giftless,
Might we highlight our work on behalf of the Driftless?

We beg forgiveness and clemency for
This parodic burlesque of Clement C. Moore.
For those cases we missed, we did mean no slight.
Check out ALL our work on our redesigned site!

To our donors, our members, and allies tonight:
“Happy Christmas to all, and keep up the good fight!”