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Accelerating Clean Transportation

The Midwest is America’s crossroads, as a hub of highways, airports, rail, and transportation manufacturing. The transportation sector is now the leading source of carbon pollution, but our region is well-poised to offer solutions. ELPC works to clean up the transportation system with policies and infrastructure solutions such as cleaner vehicles and battery technology, accessible and affordable public transit, pedestrian and biking opportunities, and modern intercity passenger rail.

ELPC attorneys litigate to advance strong regulatory standards for cleaner cars and trucks. Our advocates work with legislators and agencies to advance electric vehicle infrastructure and other forward-looking policies. We advance smart transportation investments, stop highway boondoggles, and spur high-speed rail development. To support car-free solutions, we are revitalizing the Chicago pedway system, securing funding for clean electric school buses, and fighting for better public transportation region-wide.

Current Projects

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Clean Transportation

Advocating for Public Transit, Walking and Biking

Clean Transportation

Accelerating Rollout of Electric School Buses

Clean Transportation

Improving Clean, Electric Vehicle Adoption

Clean Transportation

Opposing Highway Boondoggles

Clean Transportation

Growing Midwest Rail Network

Wild & Natural Places

Protecting Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

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Important Victory

Electric school buses hit the road in the Midwest

An investment in safe transportation for our kids is an investment in the future of our communities.

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We can improve mobility and reduce pollution in our transportation sector across the Midwest, but we need your help.