Electric Vehicles

Plug-in electric vehicles are the next generation of clean cars that use electric batteries charged from an external source – an outlet in your garage or at a public charging station. With smart strategies and a favorable policy framework, these vehicles present an exciting opportunity to reduce air pollution, save drivers more than $1,200 per year on gasoline and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Here in the Midwest, the potential for job growth in the auto industry is yet another reason to be excited about electric cars.

Metro-Chicago has the potential to be one of the leading markets for these new vehicles. Government support for public charging stations, entrepreneurial ingenuity in the business community, and low-cost power available for nighttime charging are just some of the ingredients that will make Chicago a market leader.

What Does ELPC Do?

ELPC maintains the public resource www.PlugInMidwest.org, which includes valuable information for Midwesterners thinking about purchasing electric cars for their home or fleet. This tool makes it possible for users to select, sort and compare the EV models available for purchase in the Midwest, as well as what incentives are available from states and utilities throughout the region. ELPC harvested this information to provide particular value to Midwesterners, who are often ignored by car companies focusing on California and East Coast markets. This is the only Midwest-centric EV resource on the web.

ELPC’s ongoing analysis of EV policies, programs and trends also appears regularly in op-eds and articles throughout the region. Please see our Recent News feed to the right or our Newsroom to learn more.

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