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Protecting the Great Lakes & Clean Water

ELPC works to protect safe, clean water for all. The Great Lakes system is a global gem, containing more than 20% of the world’s surface freshwater and providing drinking water for over 42 million people. The Mississippi River watershed and the myriad of rivers, creeks, brooks, and streams across the Midwest make up more than half the river miles in the nation. We fight to ensure safe clean drinking water is affordable and accessible for all, as it is a basic human need.

ELPC attorneys and advocates implement, enforce, and defend the Clean Water Act. We hold polluters accountable and fight to clean up Midwest water, from the Great Lakes and big river systems to the community watersheds and small-town wells that provide drinking water, wildlife habitat, jobs, and recreational enjoyment for millions.

Current Projects

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Clean Air

Protecting Northwest Indiana

Clean Water

Protecting the Great Lakes

Clean Water

Cleaning Up Lake Erie

Clean Water

Monitoring EPA Enforcement in the Midwest

Clean Water

Reducing Agricultural Run-off Pollution to Stop Toxic Algae

Clean Water

Protecting the Upper Mississippi River

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Northwest Ohio Water Poll

Important Victory

Federal Court Directs EPA to Take Clean Up Actions on Lake Erie

After toxic algae shut down the city of Toledo's drinking water supply, ELPC took on the fight to make sure EPA & Ohio stop the pollution.


Help us protect clean water.

Safe clean drinking water is a basic human need, and clean waterways are critical to the Midwest economy.