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Biden’s New Methane Standards an Essential Action in Climate Crisis

EPA proposal calls for 74% reduction in methane pollution from all new and existing oil and gas operations by 2030

“Methane sets the pace of climate change,” said ELPC Associate Attorney John Minode’e Petoskey, who testified before the EPA in favor of setting methane safeguards over the summer. “Methane is 85% more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide in the near term. The combined effect of the two gases is devastating. Methane sets a high rate of global warming; longer-lasting carbon pollution keeps that rate high for decades. Curbing methane emissions is an essential climate action that will save lives and protect our air, water, and economy, here in the Midwest and around the country.” 

The new standards proposed by the EPA for both new and existing sources of methane and other dangerous pollutants are critical to showing leadership in tackling the climate crisis as COP26 continues in Glasgow. We hope the Biden administration continues to push the envelope on oil and gas sector methane pollution and all and other sources of greenhouse gas emissions endangering our planet and lives.” 

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