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House Passage of Inflation Reduction Act Moves Climate Action to President’s Desk

Nation can’t afford delay on IRA’s climate-friendly, jobs-friendly investments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Just days after Senate Democrats passed the largest investment in climate change in American history, the House also approved the Inflation Reduction Act, moving this critical climate action package to President Biden to sign.

“We cannot afford delay when it comes to climate action, so today we celebrate this swift action in the House to pass the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Environmental Law & Policy Center Federal Legislative Director Ann Mesnikoff. “This package includes the much needed investments in the clean energy, electric vehicles, energy-efficient homes and businesses, and clean manufacturing jobs that President Biden has called for and science demands. We are confident that a quick signature will help the nation turn the IRA’s ambitious investments into real-world climate solutions.”

The IRA’s climate provisions include a $2 billion investment in the popular Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which will give rural areas an economic boost while helping farmers, ranchers and rural small businesses fight climate change.

“ELPC looks forward to President signing this critical climate action package into law,” Mesnikoff said

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