Wisconsin’s combination of environmental treasures, challenges and opportunities make the state a key part of ELPC’s advocacy to achieve environmental progress and economic development together.  ELPC works in Wisconsin to:

  • Advance energy efficiency and solar energy — ELPC is fighting to protect Wisconsin consumers from unfair rate hikes that will reward large energy users, harm small energy users, and provide disincentives for energy efficiency and solar energy to succeed.
  • Preserve special places like the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest and Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers — ELPC is working through the courts to restore ecological balance in the North Woods. Additionally, our public interest attorneys and advocates regularly represent grassroots clients in cases and campaigns to protect Wisconsin rivers and lakes from runoff, wastewater and other sources of unnecessary pollution.
  • Advance high-speed rail — Wisconsin is part of the Midwest High-Speed Rail Network, and ELPC is working hard with local advocates to ensure that the popular route connecting Chicago to Milwaukee is continued and expanded on to Madison and beyond.

ELPC partners with RENEW Wisconsin, Sierra Club and other state and local groups to advance progress.


Past Victories

  • Clean Water – In 2010, ELPC and allies successfully advocated for a new phosphorus standard designed to significantly reduce the presences of dangerous algae in Wisconsin waterways. Wisconsin’s adoption of phosphorus pollution reduction standards will limit the amount of phosphorus pollution from the largest sources: farms, factories and sewage treatment plants. The new pollution reduction standards will help improve the quality of Wisconsin’s waterways, nearly half of which are listed as “impaired” due to toxic, blue-green algae. ELPC is working to enforce these standards and replicate similar rules throughout the region.
  • Clean Water – In 2009, ELPC and allies successfully advocated for an electronic waste recycling law that ensures that electronic products are recycled, rather than tossed into landfills where toxic chemicals can leach into our soil and groundwater. 
  • Clean Transportation – The Chicago-Milwaukee-Madison passenger rail route is part of the proposed Midwest High-Speed Rail Network that ELPC has advanced for over a decade. 
  • Natural Resources – In 2003, ELPC was asked for help in filing a lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service to stop accelerated logging in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, which is one of the 10 most endangered national forests. ELPC appealed three of the six timber sales that the Forest Service had authorized. In a stunning victory, a federal judge ruled that the Forest Service failed to consider the cumulative impacts of all current timber sales when it approved each of the three timber sales. The court further granted injunctions halting the timber sales. In total, ELPC’s emergency legal work protected 22,000 acres of forestland in this national treasure. 

For other victories, visit our impacts page.


ELPC’s Wisconsin Office

316 W. Washington Ave, Suite 675
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 334-1456

Key program staff working in Wisconsin

Andy Olsen, Senior Policy Advocate (Madison)
Brad Klein, Senior Attorney

Most of ELPC’s staff is housed at our Chicago headquarters. This includes our management team, communications experts, fundraising staff and administrative assistants in addition to many of our attorneys, policy advocates and business specialists.

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