Northern Wisconsin

Our Mission

The Environmental Law & Policy Center is the Midwest’s leading environmental legal advocacy organization.

We develop and lead successful strategic advocacy campaigns to improve environmental quality and protect our natural resources. We are public interest environmental entrepreneurs who engage in creative business deal making with diverse interests to put into practice our belief that environmental progress and economic development can be achieved together. ELPC’s multidisciplinary staff of talented and experienced public interest attorneys, environmental business specialists, public policy advocates and communications specialists brings a strong and effective combination of skills to solve environmental problems.

ELPC embraces smart, persuasive advocacy to win the most important environmental cases and create positive solutions to protect public health and economic development across the environment heartland. Our teamwork approach uses legal, economic, scientific and public policy analysis, and communications advocacy tools to succeed. ELPC’s strategic legal advocacy and business deal-making involve proposing solutions when we oppose threats to the Midwest’s environment.

ELPC was founded in 1993 after a year-long strategic planning process sponsored by seven major foundations. We have achieved a strong track record of successes on both national and regional clean energy development and pollution reduction, transportation and land use reform, and natural resources protection issues. ELPC brings a new form of creative public advocacy effectively linking environmental progress and economic development that improves the quality of life in our Midwest communities.