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Tell Governor DeWine its Time to Act to Clean Up Lake Erie

Right now, massive animal feeding operations are applying excess animal manure to land across NW Ohio. The runoff ultimately ends up in Lake Erie and causes toxic algae blooms. These algae coat the lake in green scum threatening our drinking water and way of life on the water.

Voluntary programs for pollution reduction, like H2Ohio, have not worked. Regulatory action is needed. Governor DeWine must direct Ohio EPA to regulate manure discharges from industrial animal facilities.

Tell Governor DeWine to stop the manure and reduce phosphorus pollution entering Lake Erie with strong regulations.

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Urge President Biden and Congress to Prioritize Electric School Buses

A federal investment of $25 billion over 10 years would jump-start the electrification of nearly half the nation’s school bus fleet, and clean up the air that 25 million schoolchildren breathe each day. In order to reach the communities where electric school buses are most needed, the electrification of school buses must prioritize low-income communities of color who bear the highest burden of pollution and poor air quality.

Sign the petition and join our movement for a #CleanRide4Kids.

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