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Protect Illinois’ Remaining Wetlands

The 2023 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Sackett vs. EPA stripped away protections for numerous wetlands. Consequently, Illinois’ wetlands are now exposed to the threat of development and destruction due to the absence of a comprehensive protection program in our state.

Wetlands serve as natural filters; enhancing water quality, offering critical flood control, and safeguarding endangered habitats. With Illinois having already lost almost 90% of our wetlands, further loss is untenable.

Urge your Illinois State Senator to vote ‘YES’ and cosponsor Senate Bill 771 (Ellman) to protect Illinois wetlands left vulnerable by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Say YES to Energy Efficiency in Ohio

Ohio Representatives will soon vote on House Bill 79. The bill will allow utility companies to create energy efficiency programs that enable Ohioans to purchase more efficient technology, reduce their energy usage, and save money.

HB 79 provides a wide variety of benefits, including: Lowering energy consumption and cost for consumers, improving the reliability of the grid, reducing harmful air pollution, and creating targeted efficiency programs for low-income communities, reducing their energy burden. All Ohioans will reap the benefits of HB 79.

Urge your Ohio Representative to vote ‘YES’ to support a more affordable, reliable energy system in Ohio. Representatives are voting as soon as Wednesday next week, so we need to act now.

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Tell Congress: Keep The U.P. Wild

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a place like no other. Its most pristine places—including the Ehlco area, the Trap Hills, Norwich Plains, and the Sturgeon River Gorge—deserve our nation’s highest level of protection. You can help conserve forest land for the net generation. Wilderness designation is a win for the environment, local communities, and jobs across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Send a message to your members of Congress to champion designating these four areas in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as federal Wilderness areas.

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Protect the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is a model federal program that is vitally important in restoring and protecting our treasured ecosystem. The 5 Great Lakes face increased challenges from harmful algae blooms and the impacts of climate change are creating stress on shoreline infrastructure and ecosystems.

Tell Congress to fully fund GLRI at the authorized $425 million for FY 2024 and consider additional funding as well.

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