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Hold ArcelorMittal Accountable

ArcelorMittal is a serial polluter. They have violated their Clean Water Act permit more than 100 times in the past four years. We can no longer just stand by and wait for the state and federal government to act. Too many people depend on Lake Michigan for recreation and safe drinking water.


Stop Toxic Algae in Lake Erie

Harmful algal blooms are back in Lake Erie again thanks to increasing amounts of phosphorus pollution from industrial agriculture. That’s why ELPC is engaged in a battle to protect Lake Erie and the residents who depend on it for safe, clean drinking water. We must raise our voices together and tell state leadership and the EPA to hold polluters accountable! Join us and sign our petition.


Protect Safe Clean Drinking Water

Safe, clean water is a basic human need. To protect the Midwest’s great waterways – including the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes – we must safeguard the backyard brooks, community creeks, and tributary streams that feed them. We need strong federal protection for all of the wetlands that store and filter water before it reaches our lakes, rivers, and streams.

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