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Urge President Biden and Congress to Prioritize Electric School Buses

A federal investment of $25 billion over 10 years would jump-start the electrification of nearly half the nation’s school bus fleet, and clean up the air that 25 million schoolchildren breathe each day. In order to reach the communities where electric school buses are most needed, the electrification of school buses must prioritize low-income communities of color who bear the highest burden of pollution and poor air quality.

Sign the petition and join our movement for a #CleanRide4Kids.

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Stop General Iron’s Move to Chicago’s Southeast Side

Scrap metal recycler General Iron is still planning to move to Chicago’s Southeast Side! This community has been subjected to environmental racism for years and already faces disproportionately high rates of air pollution and respiratory illnesses. The City of Chicago still has the chance to deny environmental approvals and shut down the move for good. Tell Mayor Lightfoot and city officials to deny General Iron’s permit and keep them out of the Southeast Side.


To build a more resilient grid, Ohio needs a diversified energy portfolio that includes baseload power and energy waste reduction. Utility programs that help consumers reduce energy usage mean utilities need to supply less, benefitting both consumers and the environment. Ohioans need a bill that restores funding to both waste reduction and renewable energy programs.

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