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Bus Rapid Transit offers a solution: all the advantages of rail at a fraction of the cost. With dedicated lanes and signal prioritized intersections, buses can move predictably and reliably, without getting stuck in traffic. With pay-before-boarding stations and accessible level boarding platforms, riders can get on and off quickly without holding up the show.

CTA’s new Better Streets for Buses initiative asks Chicagoans to select from various street design treatments and identify good streets for improvement. But this piecemeal approach neglects the power of a cohesive BRT network, which has proven so effective in cities around the world. Let’s tell CTA to commit to Bus Rapid Transit and build 5 BRT lines in the next 5 years.

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Urge President Biden and Congress to Prioritize Electric School Buses

A federal investment of $25 billion over 10 years would jump-start the electrification of nearly half the nation’s school bus fleet, and clean up the air that 25 million schoolchildren breathe each day. In order to reach the communities where electric school buses are most needed, the electrification of school buses must prioritize low-income communities of color who bear the highest burden of pollution and poor air quality.

Sign the petition and join our movement for a #CleanRide4Kids.

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