ELPC Office Goes Green: LEED Platinum Chicago Headquarters

ELPC’s was the first LEED Platinum office in a Historic Landmark building in Chicago, certified in 2011.

Some of the biggest environmental challenges begin in the buildings where we live and work. Green building practices are an important part of the solution. ELPC is working to make green building practices the norm. Our LEED Platinum eco-office puts our values into practice, combining innovative technology and forward-thinking design to create a workspace that protects the environment, is healthier for our staff and makes economic sense. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and it is the global standard for sustainable buildings.

ELPC moved into our current eco-office in August 2010 and received our LEED Platinum status in August 2011, setting a model for others to follow. Our office is located on the 16th floor of Chicago’s Jewelers Building at 35 W. Wacker, which was built in 1927 and designated a Historic Landmark in 1994. By modernizing dense older buildings with environmentally friendly practices and updating them for the energy needs of the future, we can reduce the hazards of demolition, construction, and sprawl.