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Erica S. McConnell

ELPC Thinks: A Minnesota Case Study – Putting Energy Justice in Rate Cases

An innovative approach in Xcel Energy’s rate case tackles persistent, structural injustices in the electricity system.

In January, the Just Solar Coalition questioned a half-billion-dollar rate hike request by Minnesota’s Xcel Energy through an “Energy Justice” lens. This ELPC Thinks heard from the attorneys, experts and community members involved on how public utilities commissions can help ensure equitable service for historically burdened utility customers, including low-income communities and communities of color.

Thank you to Alice Madden from Community Power, Dr. Gabe Chan from the University of Minnesota, and Timothy DenHerder-Thomas from Cooperative Energy Futures for their expertise, passion, and time on this important case.

Erica S. McConnell,

Staff Attorney

Erica McConnell is a Staff Attorney at ELPC based in Columbus, OH. She focuses on clean energy issues across the Midwest.

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