Press Release

ELPC Statement On Opening Of New Self-Bonding Rulemaking

August 16, 2016

David Jakubiak

Federal Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation Enforcement Opens New Self-Bonding Rulemaking
New Rules Must Ensure Coal Mine Clean-Up Is Done Well and Costs Not Shifted To The Public
Executive Director, Environmental Law & Policy Center

Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center, said in response to the Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation Enforcement’s (OSMRE) opening of a federal rulemaking addressing the problems of coal mining companies’ self-bonding of mine reclamation costs:

“OSMRE recognizes that the self-bonding standards should be strengthened to deal with today’s energy market reality of multiple coal mine company bankruptcies and declining demand for coal. We commend OSMRE for moving forward with a new rulemaking process to better protect taxpayers and ensure that mine reclamation and environmental clean ups are paid for by the companies that are responsible for the costs.

“ELPC will work to ensure that improved self-bonding standards prevent coal mine clean-up costs from being shifted onto taxpayers and that the coal mining companies fulfill their mine reclamation responsibilities and do that well.”