Press Release

Environmental Law and Policy Center Statement on Exelon threats to close Dresden, Byron plants

Company demands subsidies following the bribery admissions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic


“We’ve seen this Exelon rate hike and hostage-taking script several times before. Now, Exelon is back again asking for more subsidies following the bribery admissions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This isn’t all or none when it comes to how many nuclear plants should run. It’s about some aging nukes that are economically uncompetitive for which Exelon is making a business decision to shut down.

“Exelon should open its books for independent review as the Governor has called for. When it comes to the huge consumer subsidies that Exelon is requesting, let’s look at whether Illinois jobs, our economy and our environment would be better off if those billions of dollars were invested in solar energy and storage, wind power and energy efficiency, which saves consumers money.

“Exelon wants most of Illinois’ energy dollars to be spent for its nuclear plants after having already received $2.35 billion for its Quad Cities and Clinton nuclear plants in the context of its corruption scandal. Let’s look at how funds can be best allocated to accelerate Illinois’ leadership in growing the renewable energy economy of the future.”

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