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Howard Learner’s Comments on Report on Exelon’s Economically Uncompetitive Nuclear Plants

January 7, 2015
David Jakubiak

Environmental Law & Policy Center’s Howard Learner’s Comments on HR 1146 Report
Report Confirms Energy Policy Key to Environmental Progress, Economic Development

CHICAGO – Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center, responded to the release of the state’s report on Exelon’s economically uncompetitive nuclear power plants with the following statement:

“This report shows that Exelon’s nuclear plants that aren’t economically competitive can be retired without added costs to Illinois consumers, without hurting reliability, and with more job creation by growing clean renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

“This report confirms that the competitive power market is working to hold down Illinois energy costs. We shouldn’t bailout Exelon’s old, uncompetitive nuclear plants. Instead, we should invest in new renewable energy, like wind and solar, and energy efficiency to grow a cleaner Illinois energy future.”