Press Release

Illinois Pollution Control Board Denies Ameren’s and Dynegy’s Request to Transfer Pollution Variance

ELPC Calls the Decision “A Step in the Right Direction”

Today the Illinois Pollution Control Board denied an attempt by Ameren to transfer its exemption from state pollution standards to Dynegy.  The Board indicated that it couldn’t substitute one company for another in granting a variance.

ELPC is pleased that the variance transfer request was denied on this procedural ground.

Last year, the plants were granted a 5-year variance from state clean air standards because of Ameren’s financial hardships. Dynegy opposed the variance at the time, saying that it would keep uneconomic plants in the marketplace and create “winners and losers.”  This year, Dynegy asked the Board to transfer the variance with the sale of the plants and do so without a public hearing.

“Today’s Board decision is a step in the right direction. The public’s right to have clean air shouldn’t be sacrificed so that Dynegy can make more money when buying these coal plants,” said ELPC Senior Attorney Faith Bugel. “The state should hold Dynegy to its legal and corporate environmental responsibility to clean up any of the coal plants it purchases from Ameren.”


June 6, 2013
CONTACT: David Jakubiak