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News: ELPC Launches 2015 Michigan Clean Energy Supply Chain Report

December 3, 2015
Contact: David Jakubiak

Report: 300+ Businesses in Michigan’s Clean Energy Supply Chain
$2.6 Billion in Annual Economic Activity Generated by Wind, Solar, Energy Storage

More than 300 Michigan companies serve clean energy markets, providing jobs to people across the state who are manufacturing, financing, designing, engineering, installing and maintaining renewable energy projects here and across the region, a study released Thursday by the Environmental Law & Policy Center found.

“Across Michigan, businesses large and small are engineering, designing, manufacturing, and building the clean energy projects that will power the future of the state,” said John Paul Jewell, Research Coordinator at ELPC. “What’s more is that we found dozens of businesses that are prepared to jump in to the clean energy sector if the state’s energy policy drives increased development of wind and solar energy.”

The report was developed through an analysis of data from several industry groups. The companies were then individually contacted to confirm their supply chain role.

“Michigan’s renewable energy economy is driven by a healthy mix of large manufacturers like Dow Corning and Kaydon Bearings, and smaller start-up companies of 20 or fewer employees that are poised to grow by leaps and bounds,” said Jewell, added.

The report identified at least 187 Michigan companies involved in the state’s solar energy supply chain and at least 133 companies involved in the state’s wind power supply chain.

While the state’s clean energy economy has been one of Michigan’s fastest growing sectors in recent years, legislation being considered in Lansing threatens to slam the brakes on continued growth, some business owners warn.

“I would be hiring an additional installation crew, a crew manager and a full time office manager if it wasn’t for the legislation that is being promulgated in Lansing,” said Mark Hagerty, President of Michigan Solar & Wind Power Solutions in Commerce. “A revised energy bill being considered here in Michigan would substantially reduce the amount solar customers receive for the peak electricity they put on to the grid. That’s going to make a lot of customers delay investing in solar, which will have impacts at my company, and all throughout our state’s solar supply chain.”

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