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Press Release: SCOTUS Rejects Mercury Standard Delay, It’s Time For Michigan AG Schuette To Stand Up For Healthy Kids, Safe Fish


David Jakubiak

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Stay Of Mercury Standards
It’s Time For Michigan AG Schuette To Stand Up For Healthy Kids, Clean Water; Time For Polluting Coal Plants To Reduce Mercury Pollution

Today, Chief Justice John Roberts denied a request filed by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette to stay U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards to reduce mercury pollution from coal plant smokestacks. These standards will protect children’s health and clean up lakes and streams.

“It is time for Attorney General Schuette to stop litigating to delay mercury and air toxics standards that will reduce poisonous pollution that harms childhood brain development, and that pollutes our Great Lakes making fish unsafe to eat,” said Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center.

Michigan’s Department of Community Health identifies mercury as a dangerous toxin, setting limits of consumption on popular eating fish including yellow perch and walleye, saying mercury exposure “can cause damage to your brain, heart, and nerves.”

“It’s a shame that it’s not safe to eat the fish you catch in too many Michigan rivers and lakes because of preventable mercury pollution,” said Learner. “Modern pollution-control technologies cost effectively reduces mercury pollution and have been installed by utilities across the Midwest. Why is Michigan Attorney General Schuette using taxpayer money to delay reducing poisonous mercury pollution?

“The time has come for Bill Schuette to stand on the side of protecting children’s health and clean water, and for Michigan coal plants to clean up their act.”