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Report: Wisconsin Renewable Energy Sector Holds 500+ Businesses

Contact: David Jakubiak, Environmental Law & Policy Center, 312.795.3713 or [email protected]


ELPC finds almost 7,000 working in wind, solar supply chain companies

MADISON – More than 500 Wisconsin companies serve wind power and solar energy markets, providing jobs to people across the state who are manufacturing, financing, designing, engineering, installing and maintaining renewable energy projects here and across the region, a study released Wednesday by the Environmental Law & Policy Center found.

“Our supply chain report provides numerous examples of new and existing businesses finding new growth opportunities from renewable energy, from Milwaukee to Prairie du Chien to Green Bay to Superior,” said Andy Olsen, Senior Policy Advocate in ELPC’s Madison office. “Wisconsin has a strong manufacturing base and well-trained workforce that can export renewable energy products to a world that wants more clean energy with each passing year.”

The report was developed through an analysis of data from several industry groups. The companies were then individually contacted to confirm their supply chain role. In addition to the wide breadth of businesses captured in the report, the findings also offer insights into the types of businesses driving Wisconsin’s growing renewable energy sector. For example, the average size of a renewable energy supply chain business in Wisconsin is 12.5 people. A forthcoming analysis of Illinois’ supply chain found companies there employing, on average, almost 50 people.

“Wisconsin’s renewable energy economy is driven by small businesses spread across the state, rather than by a few very large employers,” said John Paul Jewell, Research Coordinator at ELPC.

The report identified 316 companies involved in Wisconsin’s solar energy supply chain and more than 230 companies involved in the state’s wind power supply chain.  The companies provide many local stories across the state.

For businesses involved in the installation and construction of wind and solar projects, a thriving supply chain sector means increased economic activity within Wisconsin, but it also signals a shift to modern, reliable, more cost-effective electric supply.

“SunVest and other Wisconsin businesses in the renewable energy industry are working hard to innovate and develop new technologies to bring our energy costs down,” said Matt Neumann, President of SunVest Solar Inc. of Pewaukee. “Wisconsin’s energy costs have increased at 2.5 times the rate of inflation for the last 10 years — it’s time to consider policy that supports new technologies with the hope of a less expensive energy future for our State.”

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